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Meet the DD Staff

28 Oct
Photo (Left to Right) Ava, Hoss, Levi and Freddie

When we explained to a visitor that the Ranch was quiet this week by design in order to provide our staff with some rest time they commented that they thought that we referred to Freddie, Ava, Levi and Hoss as “staff” just for some FaceBook humor. So for those of our DD Members who don’t…

Oreo at the DD Ranch

28 Oct

For the past five or six weeks, intermittently, we have been working with a dog called Oreo, a beautiful three year old GSP mix, who is one of the ‘Griffin Mud Dogs’. If you haven’t heard of these dogs, then I suggest you Google them, as you’ll get an instant life lesson in mans’ inhumanity…

A Tale of Two Puppies

28 Apr

  One of my favorite clients, and now a dear friend of mine, has a delightful German shepherd that we have been working on together for some time. Karma has progressed, since last August when we first saw her, from being a withdrawn, unaffectionate and hopeless looking dog with no lightness of being, to a…