We brought our dog Solo to Desperate Dogs a stressed out mess. He was anxious all the time, had constant stomach problems, refused to eat, and was destroying our house. On our first visit to Desperate Dogs Penny began teaching us dog psychology and what they needed out of life. She worked with us on a routine basis changing our behaviors with him, how we exercised him, and his food. There were many times that she said to me “You just have to trust me” and every time she has been spot on. Solo is now more confident than ever, he no longer has stomach issues and very much enjoys meal times, and is calm and happy enjoying the ride of life. Solo now spends time on the ranch every week with his friends running and playing and is a happy tired dog when he comes home. Penny made a promise to me that Solo would become the well-mannered best friend that my husband was wanting and he absolutely has become that. Instead of sadness and frustration he has become the dog that brings joy to our lives and our family. Penny opened our eyes to so many things that have enhanced our relationship with Solo that we would have never known if we had not met her.

I could go on and on about how wonderful Penny and Pete are and how obvious it is that they so deeply care and love dogs but you would be reading forever. If anyone is in need of help with their dog this is absolutely the best place for you and your dog, or if you are just wanting to go on vacation your dog will never be mad at you for leaving him ever again if you entrust your precious pooch with DD. Samuel and I could never thank you enough Penny!


Flowery Branch

Desperate Dogs hands down is the best! There is no one else that I would trust to watch my dog. I’ve been a client for 12 years now and the love, care and attention that she receives along with great food and exercise is incomparable elsewhere. My dog is treated as if she were their own and I never have to worry about her when I’m gone. They are very attentive, knowledgeable and accommodating to her senior needs. I know she is in great hands and always has the time of her life!  


May 23rd 2020


My dog Sophie has been loved and cared for by Penny, Pete and all the other dedicated workers at Desperate Dogs for 3 years. When Sophie is at the Ranch I have no worries while I am away on vacation because I know Sophie is having the time of her life playing and frolicking in the meadow and eating homemade gourmet food. Penny always answers my phone calls, texts, and emails about how to cure allergies, treat vomiting, and all kinds of questions about caring for my sweet girl. Even for being a client for so many years I know to contact and book Sophie well in advance (months) for holiday or summertime. Penny and the DD gang are well loved y their clients. Penny and Pete have become family!!    


March 20th 2016


I appreciate the rigid, intense, thorough eval process which absolutely guarantees a dog is 100% a fit, thus ensuring the safety of all dogs. My pup literally barks with uber excitement the entire 40-min drive to DD every single time he goes, which tells me everything I need to know. The expertise and experience of the owners is second to none, having managed and transformed the “worst” of dogs for many years. Their safety record is among the best in the country. They have also personally fostered over 120 “problem” dogs. This reveals the purest of hearts for the dogs and also speaks volumes for their ability and expertise. This is the FIRST and ONLY place I have ever left a dog overnight. Honestly, when I pick him up from DD, I actually feel guilty as he does not want to leave! His needs are met in every way (mental, social, physical, nutritional, instinctual) in an all-natural environment. I also appreciate that he is not caged and he always rooms with other dogs, so he is NEVER alone/isolated as he would be in most boarding facilities. They carefully manage their reservations to ensure the success of each day’s “Pack” (client dogs). DD has the highest standards of excellence in every area. Their heart for every single individual dog, plus the environment, home/made crock pot meals, 24 hour on-site Staff and expertise of all Staff leaves all “competition” (none can even come close to truly competing) in the dust. This is the golden standard.   


July 23 2018

Lucas, Cooper & Angel 

Lucas, Cooper, and Angel, here, to give a huge shout out for the Desperate Dogs Ranch in Winder, GA. We love the freedom to be US at the Desperate Dogs Ranch! We are dogs (among many) who live to chase critters in the woods, take a dip or two in the onsite pond, roll in the sand or dig at the Desperate Dogs “beach”, interact with our Canine pals in the meadow, and, especially, get belly rubs from Aunt Penny, Uncle Pete, and the rest of the Desperate Dogs staff. They often know us better than we know ourselves and anticipate our every need. We also love–now get this–the HOMECOOKED meals Aunt Penny fixes for all of us when we get to stay overnight! Whenever our hooman mom and dad go out of town, we know Desperate Dogs is in our future and our tails can’t contain themselves! Plus, Uncle Pete takes the most amazing pictures of us so our hoomans can see all the fun we’re having while they’re away! Desperate Dogs is just the BEST in Canine experiences!


George & Gertie

To us Desperate Dogs is a godsend!!! We have two very nervous and very needy Great Danes. (And one very nervous and needy owner.) When we left them at home with a sitter I was constantly worried that they were getting enough attention. With Penny, Pete and the rest of the crew, I know that they are running in the woods, splashing in the mud, getting tons of love, and just having a grand old time. Penny has really taken extra time to get to know all of us and our needs. Thank you Desperate Dogs! We are ever so grateful for all that you do for our babies. What a gift to be able to go on vacation and know that your pups are having the time of their lives.  


August 8 2016

There is not enough stars for this place. Heaven for our Rocco, he loves it and he is the happiest boy there, you can see his pics. DD and Family are the best and truly love their job



Desperate Dogs USA is the only place I bring my dog for vacation stays! He is a busy bird dog and loves the freedom to sniff, swim, run, and explore. My dog has better vacations than I do ! Penny and Peter Miller and their Staff (which includes dogs) are truly amazing.  

The Talented Mr. Whitley

Jamie , (Flowery Branch)

Shaggy, Herschel & Lindsay

I can’t say enough about Penny Miller and the Desperate Dogs family. She saved my family during a true crisis with her down to earth approach and genuine love and caring for us all. After evaluating our situation with our 3 rescues dogs, she gave us a life-saving treatment plan which brought us results within hours of implementing her advice. We have stayed the course with Penny always only a phone call away and have seen a wonderful change in our furry family. I trust Penny explicitly and would recommend her to anyone! Every dog deserves to have the experience of the love and support of the Desperate Dogs Ranch!!   


March 13 2014

There aren’t enough words of gratitude to express how amazing Penny, Pete and all their dogs are! Can we give 100 stars? The ranch is dog Nirvana. Penny and Pete are the most dedicated and caring people who get results. And by results, I mean they don’t just “fix” dogs….they fix the dog’s owner! You couldn’t find anyone better suited to work the miracles they do!


March 19 2014