At Desperate Dogs, the price you pay is all inclusive. There are no extra fees for play time, cuddle time, administering medication (unless it is diabetes shots, call us for details) or even for your dogs food. Everything is included, so that all you have to do is get your dog to us, and we will do the rest. Take a look at the section entitled ‘Whats included ?’ and you will get an idea of what great value this represents…..

Evaluation fee……………..$75.00 (includes a complimentary copy of our best selling book ‘Cut the Crap’ a simple no nonsense guide to feeding your dog) 

(Every dog that comes to stay at the Ranch must be evaluated by our staff to check their suitability to this environment. Evaluations take one hour to do, and include a tour of the facility plus a test to see how well your dog does in a group setting with different kinds of dogs and different temperament types.)

Boarding fees (prices after 1st June 2024)

Small dogs under 25 pounds……………………$60.00

Medium size dogs over 25 but under 56 pounds………………$65.00

Large dogs over 56 pounds but under 76 pounds……………….$70.00

Extra large dogs over 76 pounds but under 100 pounds……………$75.00

Dogs over 100 pounds increase in fees by $5.00 for every 20 pounds.

If for some reason your large dog is not a big eater, or needs to drop a few pounds, we can discuss dropping to a lower daily rate as our fees are based on the amount of food consumed. Likewise if your dog needs to eat more than is regarded normal for his size, we would need to charge more, however the dogs do get to eat very large amounts of food here so please discuss your needs with us.

DayCamp Fees 

DayCamp $40.00

Half-Day of DayCamp $25.00 


Stuff you need to know about your dogs first stay…

For your dogs first stay with us, we require a three day minimum, to give your dog time to habituate to his or her new surroundings; its impossible to form a relationship with a dog that will be lasting, in the first 24 hours…that comes with repeated shared walks and shared meals, hand feeding, massages and games in the meadow. We would also suggest that if your dog is a nervous Nelly, or a dog that has come from a shelter environment, then you may want to consider a day camp day to ease him or her into being away from you. Maybe a half day first even…so that the dog knows that this is a place he comes to for play and companionship, but that he always goes home to you. A few day camp experiences for a highly nervous, or older dog, can really help with the habituation process, and for some dogs we reserve the right to insist upon this.

Holiday surcharges

We have a surcharge for certain dates, during which all dogs are charged at 50% extra. These dates are July 4th, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving day, Christmas Eve, Christmas day and Boxing day (December 26th), and New Years Eve. This surcharge is to cover the extra that we pay our staff to work unsociable hours when everyone else is enjoying the holiday season with their family, and to cover the Gala dinner that we feed on those days which is normally filet mignon and hand carved turkey. Those lucky, lucky pooches eh?

For holiday weekends, we operate a three day minimum.

Multiple dogs from one family

If you have more than one dog staying with us, each additional dog is priced at ten percent discount. 

Methods of payment

We take checks, cash or credit cards, although we would stress that we prefer to have checks as opposed to credit cards as we get charged a handling/processing fee by the card companies and have to pass it on to the client, which we would prefer not to do.