What’s Included?

Whats included?

Basically everything your dog needs to have the time of his or her life…..!

At Desperate Dogs, we interviewed many many hundreds of dogs, who told us exactly what THEY were looking for in a vacation destination, and we listened.

Here’s what we learned…

They told us they wanted to run free in beautiful fenced parklands for hours every day.

They told us they wanted to make friends with loving humans and other friendly dogs, but have room to just be by themselves if they choose to.

They told us they want to have a job to do, so that they can feel valuable in a pack environment, and they said they especially love to show off their skills at chasing chipmunks and rabbits or digging for moles.

They said they wanted to eat great food and explore different taste sensations, with plenty of fresh meat or fish.

They told us they wanted to be touched by loving human hands every day, kissed goodnight, and have someone there if they were frightened during a storm, no matter what time, day or night.

They told us they wanted to live in a pack environment as its how dogs are programmed to live, but that they only wanted to be paired with dogs that they like and feel comfortable with.

They told us they want comfy beds or a couch, just like home……. rugs on the floor, soft lighting and soothing music, smells of casseroles cooking on the stove and meat roasting in the oven.

They told us they want to play with their friends in the moonlight every night, have pajama parties and howl at the moon.

They told us they want to be able to act like a dog, but live in the lap of luxury!

We put all of this information together and came up with a combination that has been life changing for so many dogs.

Your dog will have the vacation of a lifetime, and so will you, knowing that he or she is able to be a dog, in a very secure fenced area, making new friends, learning some new skills and creating wonderful memories that will stay with them long after they have left the Ranch.

All of the above is included in your boarding fee; every dog is treated the same, there are no additional fees for extra love and attention, these all come as standard.

If your dog doesn’t want to eat what we have cooked, we will prepare something else. If a massage is in order, well…..we just happen to have a massage therapist on staff who loves to lay hands on and help soothe those aching muscles.

It’s all included.

Why WOULDN’T you want your dog to have this kind of vacation?