Dot enjoys a treat at the Puppy Pantry

Today we introduce you,our Desperate Dogs family, to newcomer Dot Goodrich. Dot is a catahoula red leopard/fox hound mix [ the fox hound bit is a best guess but she does behave like a fox hound] and is an absolute stunner of a dog!
Dot is with us for some rehabilitation work on people issues and some dog issues…the reason she doesn’t feature in too many of the days pics is because Dot was out on a field trip to the Puppy Pantry and ‘mingling’ today with me. I wanted to take Dot to a place where she would meet a few new people in a strange environment, and teach her to react appropriately. I have to say, this picture of her letting Brian, owner of the Puppy Pantry hand feed her is very indicative of her success today. First she allowed Brian to feed her, then a male customer wearing a cap hand fed her some treats while she sat very nicely. She waited very nicely at the counter while I purchased my CD ” Through a dogs ear” [for anyone who doesnt have one, oh my word, this CD is amazing and brings instant calm to hyped up doggy households; we use it here all the time…. I went to buy the version for older dogs as I had heard it to be excellent] and I was feeling so pleased and confident with her I took her to the Pilot Gas station off 85 on the way home, bought her a Mc Donalds cheeseburger because she had deserved it, and fed it to her piece by piece while all the truckers walked by her very closely. She was awesome! I asked all those passing by her not to touch her, as of course everyone wanted to stroke such a looker, but she took everything in her stride and was very relaxed about it. Its not easy for a fearful dog to do such things, it takes immense courage and trust and it fair wipes them out. As we got back into the truck, she hopped up on the seat and was asleep inside ten seconds! She’s a great dog and she worked very hard today, her mum and dad should be very very proud of her!
Great job, Dot. x