Buddy just chillin

Buddy has been here with us at the ranch for a week today and this evening he is going home to his mum, Tina. As I keep threatening her, thats if I even let him go home…so in love with this dog, am I…..From the below pictures of him roughousing and playing so joyfully with one year old Roxie, its easy to see how full of life and full of beans he is. He is so full of beans in fact,that I had to…separate the little buggers last night, because he and Roxie would NOT stop playing and rolling on the beds downstairs, and Buddy needed to digest his dinner.

Yes he may be older, but in his mind hes a two year old dog with the energy of Zippy the clown, cojones like grapefruit and the endurance of a triathlete. Who am I to burst his bubble? We let him do whatever he feels like he wants to do here, rest when he needs to [rarely!lol] and play all he wants. This afternoon, he went haring off after a mouse in the hedge, thinking he could be the great white hunter and snag it for the pack.
Just because he’s a little more on in years, doesnt mean he cant have a rich mental life, a rich physical life and a viable contribution to the pack as a whole. I hope when Im his age I have as much to offer, and have as much going for me as Buddy does. Let your older dog have as much fun as he wants, give them new experiences often, let them try new food, let them enjoy life. It keeps them young, it keeps them vibrant and the benefits outweigh the risks every time. x
note: full version with photos on www.facebook.com/desperatedogsusa october 24th 2012