I should really have called this blog ‘The crazy canines guide to not being so human dependent, food absorbed, exercise deprived, socially inept and generally hard to live with and understand…’
Because Im a know it all and have an opinion on everything, I’ll be sharing some of my thoughts every now and again on the stuff we do here at the Desperate Dogs Ranch. Hopefully some of that stuff might touch on things that you re experiencing with your dogs and you’ll be able to apply it to your own situation.
At the ranch, we deal with so many different dog problems every week, from separation anxiety to aggression to serial shaggers [lol!] to name but a few, so we have had to develop a way of dealing with thses problems that doesnt hurt the dog, frighten him or abuse him…we just want to fix and free up the dog so he or she can have a normal and enjoyable life.
We really want you to enjoy life with your dog, and to do so you have to create a bond of friendship…… of love and trust. Like all the best things in life, its worth putting a little effort in to get a whole lot out. x