Noodle our “s**t eating Schnauzer Lab mix rescue one of 7 who have joined our family

Here is something I wanted to share on “The Dogs Honest Truth” that I posted on our Facebook yesterday – if you enjoy my blog and would like to see what we do at Desperate Dogs on a daily basis please go to and support our help of local rescues and shelters by Liking us – thanks and hope you enjoy   
“As many of you will know, Pete and I do not buy each other a ‘big’ Christmas present, and haven’t for the last five years; instead, our big gift to each other is to take on a dog that has no chance of being adopted due to illness, behavioural problems or whatever, and fix it, get it vetted, and either get it adopted out to a great home, or adopt it ourselves.
This year, due to having seven dogs now, [dear Ava was the last one..] and no room at the Inn for anymore ‘keepers,’ we have decided to broaden our gift to the rescues locally.
From now until Christmas day, to mark what should truly be the month of giving, we have decided to donate a cup of dog food to local rescue/shelter organisations for every new ‘like’ that we get on our facebook page.
The reason we have linked this gift to ‘likes’ is because Desperate Dogs is as much an ethos, a philosophy, as it is a business. We like to share information to everyone who needs it, not just those who can afford to hire me to come and do a behavioural consultation, or send their dogs here for a vacation; thus the more people that like us, the more people will have access to the newsfeed, the status updates and the blog.
I cannot tell you the amount of people who have decided to throw away the vile pinch collar after reading our ‘rehab’ blog, or the amount of people who have decided to cook fresh food for their dogs as a result of reading how easy it is on the status update.
The recent adoption successes of dogs that we have posted on this page are also testament to the power of shared information and the community spirit that I feel is so powerful among the DD family.
Thats why we want to do this…
Lastly, YOU will get a say in where the food goes..if you have a favourite dog rescue locally that do great work and are struggling to make ends meet, please tell us. The ones who get mentioned the most will be the main beneficiaries of the food.
I do hope you will join with us and embrace this effort by getting as many friends and family, dog owners or those just involved with dogs that you know locally or further afield, to like us on Facebook, so that we can make a nice big difference to local rescues this year.
God bless you all and enjoy this wonderful season of goodwill….x”