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“I don’t want to be part of any club that will accept me as a member….” Groucho Marx

21 Mar

Yesterday I was talking to a local dog trainer friend about her work with a rescue organisation she volunteers with. The woman gives hours of her time every week, year in, year out to this organisation, has had some amazing results with the fearful dogs she works with, is beloved by the humans she deals…

Affairs of the Heart

25 Feb

Every week I hear about more and more dogs contracting heartworm. There are many reasons for this; some people think that the heartworm meds are overpriced and can’t afford it. Some people think its not necessary if the dog is an inside dog. Some people just don’t bother with them because they figure the chances…

A House Divided

21 Feb

I’ve always thought that what makes someone good at what they do is the level of experience that they bring to the table. I don’t just mean work experience, although thats obviously important, I mean life experience. I truly believe that the more you live, the more you do, the more you struggle at times,…