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Best of the best – Desperate Dogs is home away from home for our dog. Penny and Pete go above and beyond any other boarding facility and love your dog as if they were their own. I don’t worry one bit when our dog, Hank, is there and am confident that he’s having a wonderful time while we are away. They take the time to match the dogs that are staying at the Ranch to make sure that they will get along well…you can rest assured that your pup is having a ball playing all day with other dogs that they enjoy. He eats delicious homemade food, swims daily, lounges outside in the sun, and sleeps on plush furniture. His vacation rivals ours! We are blessed to have a second home for Hank to visit when he can’t go on vacation with us.

“Just yesterday, my husband mentioned that he and Siri have finally begun to forge the relationship that hadn’t seemed to happen before now – words simply can’t convey the magnitude of gratefulness in my heart.”

“Penny I wanted to thank you so much for your work with Hope during the 5 days she was with you. The changes in her attitude have been remarkable…I can’t believe the difference.”

They’re Having the Time of Their Lives at the DD Ranch

Fun in the Snow

It’s Wednesday It’s Gunnar Day

Rehabilitation work on a dog with touch sensitivity

Low Rider