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Phew …… it’s hot !!!

02 Jun

I love living in Georgia…for about nine months of the year. The other three months are too hot for a British chick of the larger variety, especially as my job involves being outside all day working in the hot sun, walking, swimming and ugh…picking up dog poop! But it could be worse…I could be a…

Feeling the Pinch

21 May

Anyone that fills out an application form to bring their dog to the Ranch, for any kind of visit, will have seen that we are insistent that the dog wears a well fitted collar. Despite this being made clear on the form, you have no idea how many people send their dogs to me with…

Why doesn’t my dog love me ?

15 May

When we lived in Trinidad & Tobago, I used to volunteer at the kids school and every morning a lady called Daphne would drop her daughter Sammi off at the classroom door, fussing over her and trying to kiss her goodbye, while Sammi just would look away, roll her eyes and pull herself away from…