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A House Divided

21 Feb

I’ve always thought that what makes someone good at what they do is the level of experience that they bring to the table. I don’t just mean work experience, although thats obviously important, I mean life experience. I truly believe that the more you live, the more you do, the more you struggle at times,…

What’s that in my dinner ?

08 Feb

The British press have been all in a tizzy this week over the inclusion of horse meat, yes, horse meat, in the beef lasagnes sold in supermarkets like Tesco and Aldi. Frozen lasagnas made of ‘guaranteed 100% beef ‘ were in fact composed of up to 100 % horse meat. Much of these products were…

The Problem with Prey Drive

04 Jan

One of the biggest problems I come across in the behavioural consultancy side of DD, is a very high prey drive. Every week I get emails from people asking me  to come and consult on what to do about their dog that wants to chase the neighbor’s cat/rabbit/guniea pig or charges after motorbikes or chases deer…